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New Brunswick Foster Family Association

Recognizing Foster Families In N.B.  2023

National Foster Family Week 2023, which recognized the ongoing commitment by families caring for children who need a safe and stable home.

New Brunswick has an ongoing need for foster families and foster care is considered essential part of our communities.

Nancy Galluchon is president of the New Brunswick Foster Families Association, Nancy and her family have been foster parents for 18 years.

For those interested in becoming a foster parent, Nancy says you do it for the children and their families.

“You have to want to help and you have to help with respect, love, patients, nurturing, and being a team player in reuniting children with their families.

Nancy says if you want to try becoming a foster parent or family without making a firm commitment, you can always provide “relief” for a few days or a weekend to help the current foster families.

If you are interested in fostering, or would like more information, Please visit, (FR)

call 1-833-SDDSTel (1-833-733-7835), email

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